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Welcome to my website

Thank you for visiting!

I have created this website in order to list my credentials, inform you how my ministry works, and why I've chosen to make it a ministry - not a business.  

I have been studying Natural Living & Health for over 10 years.  Food and herbs are our medicine.  I love learning about natural alternatives.  Besides my faith and family, learning about natural alternatives is my favorite thing to do.  

I have just begun (summer 2013) formal herbal training with Sage Mountain - The Science & Art of Herbalism.

Please check out my books page to view a list of the ones I own and use.  I have also created herbal formulations and made tinctures with success.  You may view my case studies here.

As I look around, there are so many people suffering.  They are using chemicals (expensive ones) to clean their homes, taking pharmies (my word for prescribed meds) and eating foods that are making them more sick.  This troubles me greatly because there is a better way.  

Even taking baby steps to make changes in ones life will make one healthier.  Pharmies are a huge problem - the doctor prescribes one med to counteract the other, and it's just a downward spiral from there.  With various doctors visits and hospital stays, this becomes a drain on the wallet.

I would like to share with you easy, inexpensive ways to clean your home, eat healthier, and slowly move pharmies out of your life.

Although I am hurting for money, which is why I'm using a free website and free business cards, I have chosen to offer my services on a donation basis.  I will tell you this, those offering this kind of service charge $50 - $150 an hour.  I know for some of you that's a drop in the bucket, but not everyone can afford these rates.  So as to not show partiality to peoples finances, I have chosen the donation path.  

If you can afford more, I would greatly appreciate a fair donation, but if you are broke, I will help you too.  I am willing to take things in trade as well.  I just want to see people more healthy and vibrant!

I ask that you be serious about getting healthier and respect my time - of course, I will respect your time.

I am available Sun. thru Thurs.

Please contact me if you want to take the first step to Natural Living & Health.

Peace, Josette